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Who is Karabu

Karabu is the first character to be played by little Karol when, at the age of two and a half, he put on a pair of reindeer horns and a bright red nose and exclaimed "Mom, Dad, look!" I was disguised as KARABU! just thinking of the name to be given to the new carnival store, and the word KARABU cipiacque so much that there was no doubt when, in January 2013, it was the subject of founding Karabu srl .

But the nastoria begins in August 2001 with the opening of the first shop "Sfizi e Delizie- Tutto per la festa" for the retail sale of items for the party and main festivities, in Orta Nova (FG). With the registration of dominiosfiziedelizie.com we began to offer online coordinated parties for theme parties , confetti and Christmas baskets. In March 2004, with the opening of a second store in Cerignola, Sfizi e Delizie had an e-commerce of around 400 articles, which became 800 in June 2006.

Stampa palloncini personalizzati Fuochi d'artificio
Torte personalizzate con foto Palloncini per feste
Confetti per Matrimonio Allestimenti con palloncini ad elio
Lancio di coriandoli per matrimoni Composizioni di palloncini per 18 anni

In January 2010, working with three brands (and as many e-commerce), we began to settle in our current store in Via Torre Quarto in Cerignola (FG) through which we have been able to get online more than 4,000 products.

Perfect decorations, cake design , matching paper table, candles, festoons, balloons, confetti.
Lights and special effects .
Carnival costumes , accessories for disguise , wigs, make-up.

Today Karabu is one of the biggest Italian carnival costumes for adults and children, wigs, men's and women's hats, accessories for horror disguise and theatrical make-up , masks and dresses , cloaks and shoes. We have over 100,000 satisfied customers who come to buy from us, always releasing excellent reviews for our products and excellent feedback to our packing and shipping service. All the quantities shown on our sites are real , and all products are stored in our warehouse, ready to be shipped within max24h from the purchase. All our staff work in one place (purchases, logistics, invoicing, telephone assistance) respecting high quality standards. If the products received should not be to your liking, we will return all the necessary information for the return and the relative reimbursement (always practiced according to the chosen payment system and never with buoni purchase). Since September 2012 we have no more traditional stores having concentrated all our resources in online sales, but at our Cerignola store you can always view the unsold products or withdraw your purchases by paying for cash (for amounts less than 1000 euros).

Lately we have created some theatrical costumes according to a nostrodesign and with our brand. The privileged relationships with some producers (Italian and foreign) allow us to satisfy any type of request. Through our facebookkarabu.it page we provide real-time information on our operations.

KARABU srls- via Nazionale Adriatica Sud, 32- 65129 Pescara
VAT number 02243430689- REA: PE-406224
Warehouse timetable: 9.00/15.30
Toll free number: 800 926327
(active from 9.00 to 19.00)